Q. How long has your family been in the meat business?
A. Since 1935, (four generations) we have been supplying meat to the Albany New York area.

Q. What is the minimum order for delivery?
A. The minimum order for delivery is 75 pounds.

Q. How can I setup an account?
A. It’s as easy as filling out a brief application.

Q. How do I place an order?
A. You can call it into your salesman, an answering machine (even after hours), fax machine, office representative.

Q. What is the delivery area?
A. Are delivery area is a 70-mile area around Albany, New York area.

Q. Can I get a steak (meat) cut the same way I do at my favorite restaurant?
A. Yes, we customer cut, which is our custom portion cutting program. We can fabricate a steak to any specification.

Q. How far in advance should the order be placed in order for delivery or pickup?
A. In most instances the orders should be placed 24hours in advance.

Q. Where are my steaks cut?
A. The steaks are hand cut daily in our processing facility in Green Island, NY.

Q. Do you have hamburgers?
A. Yes, we grind beef and steak trimming daily for our “locally famous” hamburger patties (100% ground Beef, no fillers).

Q. Hours of operations?
A. Monday through Friday, 7:00am-3:30pm. 

Q. If I do not see a product your looking for on the list, does that mean you do not carry it?
A. No just ask your representative about the item we may have just added it or if there is interest by others as well it helps us in adding it to our item list.

Q. Can I pickup orders at the Green Island facility?
A. Order can be picked up between 7:00am-3:00pm.

Q. Is Reliable Brothers federally inspected?
A. Yes, there is a USDA inspector on the premises daily and the even have an office in our facility.

Q. What are acceptable forms of payment?
A. We accept Mastercard, Visa, commercial checks and cash.